More than 30 Products from France Recognized as CES Innovation Honorees Best of Innovation Honorees selected in robotics, drones and home appliances Paris, France – 10/24/2017 – The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) today announced that 31 French companies were selected as CES® 2018 Innovation Honorees for outstanding innovation, receiving 42 awards in total. Two […]

#SteelPulse #COP21 #GlobalViewsMedia Should we say Global Warning or Global Warming ? Both are true… On this first day of the United Nations Conference on climate change in Paris, only one question : ” Le Futur que nous réserve-t-il ? ” #Assassin #Paris #FluctuatNecMergitur

Zambia’s president Michael Sata died today in London. afp/theguardian Zambia’s Guy Scott became Africa’s first white head of state in 20 years on Wednesday after the president, “King Cobra” Michael Sata, died in a London hospital aged 77. reuters “U.S.A when we say U.S.A, we mean the United States of […]